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Samantha Haus Presents at TRB on Effects of Electric Cars, Assistance Systems on Driving Behavior

February 6, 2024

Results from the study indicated that the use of driver assistance systems is related to increased rates of speeding among drivers, but also may result in safer driving, as indicated by less sudden acceleration and deceleration events. Drivers of electric vehicles were also more likely to speed and to exhibit a greater tendency toward sudden speed changes, but over time, these differences decreased, likely because the drivers became more accustomed to operating the unfamiliar vehicle.


Bryan Reimer named to US Department of Transportation innovation committee

January 29, 2024

Bryan Reimer has been appointed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) to the Transforming Transportation Advisory Committee (TTAC). The committee advises the DoT and the secretary of transportation about plans and approaches for transportation innovation.


Bryan Reimer Talks Driver Assistance Systems for Travelers Institute Webinar

September 13, 2023

Dr. Bryan Reimer sat down for an episode of the “Wednesdays with Woodward” webinar series, hosted by the Travelers Institute, as he shared insights from MIT’s Advanced Vehicle Technology Consortium, which studies real life drivers in and around New England operating some of today’s most tech-forward vehicle models.


Bryan Reimer: ‘Cruise Should Stop, Reboot’

September 5, 2023

Bryan Reimer discusses what needs to happen next for the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) industry and the public to establish confidence in robotaxis.


Pnina Gershon Presents AVT Research at ARTS 2023

July 13, 2023

Dr. Gerson’s presentation, titled “Driver Behavior When Using Commercially Available Partial Automation, Evidence from Real-World Driving,” discussed findings from research conducted by the AgeLab’s Automated Vehicle Technologies Consortium (AVT), of which Dr. Gershon is a co-director.


How Technology Can Help Reduce Driver Distraction

April 7, 2023

AgeLab Research Scientist Pnina Gershon is the lead author of a report published by the National Distracted Driving Coalition on the potential of existing and emerging technologies to reduce distracted driving and support drivers.


‘Shift’ Podcast Features Bryan Reimer Discussing Move to “Level 3” Automated Vehicles

March 8, 2023

The “Shift” podcast from Automotive News dives into a coming wave of new advanced vehicle technologies, with an appearance by AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer, who shared his perspective as well as an overview of the AgeLab’s AVT Consortium’s efforts to collect data that describes drivers’ use of automated vehicle technologies.


CES Panel with Bryan Reimer Discusses the Long Road to Safer Automated Vehicles

January 12, 2023

A panel at the Consumer Electronics Show titled “The Spinning Wheel of Technology – On the Road to Trusted Mobility,” sponsored by Veoneer, featured experts across the spectrum of discourse on robotic vehicles.